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With SEO the best thing to do is perfect on-page seo & build as many relevant incoming links as possible.

Bamboo clothing is quite competitive here in Aust from what I can see. A great SEO method is having an exact match domain & adding exact match keyword to content, etc on the page then use external anchor links with that same exact match keyword – This is just one simple strategy that may boost ranking.

Only problem is – Bambooclothing.com.au is taken & has 720 exact searches/month in Au alone. If you had a domain like that & optimized for “Bamboo clothing” you’d be first page with a bit of work.

You can see that a competitor beat you to this concept – http://bambooclothing.com.au/ There’s still hope to rank first page but you will need to learn alot about SEO (Search: SEOMoz) & there will need to be additional work done to compete with your main competitor http://bambooclothing.com.au/ since they’ve already got an seo advantage of exact match domain.

I honestly think adwords may be best for now, the best thing you can do is optimize your adword campaigns & target an individual set of similar keyword with one ad group & within Australia only.

Also try to be clever in the ad’s content since the CTR is what determines quality score at a big level, furthermore you should optimize your landing page as to be very similar to the ad & be exactly what the potential customer is looking for.

Don’t forget to have seperate ad groups for exact match, phrase match & broad match.

With broad match be sure to use plenty of negative keywords.

Using the latter you can drastically reduce Cost per click.

I noticed you use volusion, I’m not sure if you can edit title tags, etc but if you can that would be great to further optimize the landing page with the adword group.

My best advice is learn, learn, learn & google has it all just search SEOMoz & read all day, in that one day you’ll learn so much.

Also++++ Go to youtube & search for things like “optimize adwords ad” “optimize landing page” etc etc etc

Kind regards.