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eneo-australia, post: 87713 wrote:
Website: No doubt, every company should have a website nowadays. But instead of signing up for an expensive web hosting and hiring of web designer who hit you with a big invoice, I would like to suggest that you organise yourself an account with Weebly. This is an online content management system allows you to have a webpage up and running in ten minutes for free. As I do not like unreasonable time estimates, I have to admit that a good result will take you some hours. But honestly, using their web templates is easy like writing a letter in MS Word. Have a look at our website http://www.eneo.net.au which is created with Weebly and tell us what you think. As you can see on our website, Weebly offers also a simple shop solution based on PayPal.

I’ll have to disagree with the price of web hosting these days. You can definitely find Australian web hosting for less than <$10/month. Perhaps this is the cost of 2 coffees a month :)