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Hi There,

There seems to be a couple of things that need ‘figuring out’ in order to sell your business:

a) An amount you may be able to sell it for; and
b) literally where/how you would go about selling it.

To the first point, an accountant should be able to help you work out a fair value/price for your business based on the items you wish to sell along with it – plus searches on similar businesses for sale would help give an idea. Most likely a value would have some basis on revenue made/projected etc, and prospective buyers would want to see this information. In terms of a value for the ‘brand/name’ – a lot of this will depend on the good will that goes along with the name in terms of reputation and recognition in the marketplace etc. – Have you sought trademark registration of your name? If yes, then the trademark is actually the saleable asset for the ‘name’. If you have not sought to protect the name with a trademark registration, you will need to be careful you are not offering to sell a name to someone that may find them infringing another person’s trademark rights etc.

Depending on the searches you conduct and what your accountant advises, it may prove that you could see a higher price by selling the equipment separately?

To the second point, as to where/how you go about it – you could engage the services of a broker to do it for you – I believe there are a number that will charge based on the result you get, some would have upfront fees etc.

There are also online businesses set up to help in these matters – such as http://www.ab4s.com.au/ as one example. (These will also be a good place to search on pricing of similar businesses for sale). This particular one also publishes a magazine/publication style directory of businesses for sale – see further at http://www.businessforsale.com.au/html/mainhomepage.mv

(We are not affiliated with the above business so not providing the above links as self-promotion :) – they are a client of ours so happen to know this is what they do, but also know there are other similar sites/directories out there… try a search in your internet browser on “businesses for sale” and similar).

Also – you could include some information/advertisement at your own website that says you are looking to sell and to contact you if of interest etc in case a visitor to your website is interested.

Just my 2c :) Good luck with it