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Hi Kylie,

I started my own retail business from scratch. I have no regrets but the first few years were incredibly hard to get traction. I did however learn a lot and I now have the business I want.

However, if and when I expand to additional stores I will certainly look very hard at the cost of buying an existing businesses first. I would then apply my business model and marketing to the additional business to build on the foundation that is already in place at that site. It would really depend on the cost of the business if the good-will is worth the pain of the first years.

In your situation I would look particularly hard at what you would be buying and what reputation comes with the store. I am sure there are adult shop clientele and adult shop clientele. You need to find the store that has the location that suits you and the market, the clientele you want to deal with, the landlord you want to deal with, the correct licences/planning permission in place all at the right price. You may find that this business does not exist
or is not available at the right price.

You may find you end up buying a business just because it is the easiest way to get the licence to operate. I may be wrong but I am assuming you can not open up an adult shop anywhere you like.