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Jay-T, post: 87853 wrote:
Lets say your goal was to reach $50k per quarter it’s easier to manage 100 clients paying you $500 than have 1000 clients paying $50, right?

Sure is and that is what I do. But focusing on deals worth $500 compared to $50 is a world away from trying to go from $200 to $48000 deals.

The first can be done by tuning your offering and bundling deals but the later involves a completely new business model to deal with it. So I am not really sure what point you are trying to make.

As I said I could go from $500 sales to $48000 sales by going after say a fleet deal. But I would have to completely change my business to a point that it is no longer recognisable as what I started with. My gross profit would be massively smaller because a $48k customer would be demanding big discounts. I would therefore have to approach the work in a completely different manner to achieve process savings to maintain my net profit. If this is what I wanted then I should have set up a different business in the first place.

I find customer complaints is not an issue if you do your job right. We hardly get any and when disagreements do arise you take them as useful feed back. You generally don’t get complaints from big customers because what they say-goes, no argument.

So I agree you should maximise your income and not sell yourself short but why the 200 to 48k comparison? Please flesh out this real life event so we can see what your client actually did.