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My client was a business consultant and she was severely under-valuing her products.

Sorry didn’t mention it was $48k per year…yeah $200 to $48k is a big jump :) So she made an extra $4000 per month instead of $200.

$3800 differential.

Before she was taking any old job which is fine when you’re starting out to make ends meet but her product was lead generation which can be valuable for business owners.

The point of my post is not to undervalue yourself it’s ok to charge higher prices if you’re delivering a good service.

Don’t get too caught up in the numbers Steve I used them because it was a pretty big transformation.

As far as fleshing out the whole thing out I’m not sure how much I can add…

  • I helped her see the value of what she was doing so that she felt comfortable asking for a higher fee
  • I gave her a basic primer on sales so that she could help her prospect see her value was and how he could reach his goals through her solution

That’s about it, it wasn’t difficult and it shouldn’t have to be.

Look at ANY industry and there will exist a premium option…restaurants, dentists, hair salons you name it there are guys charging much more than the rest of the pack for no other reason than they just decided they would serve the top end of the market.