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janetteb, post: 87948 wrote:
Wow, thanks so much for all your great input. Most people seem to think we should go for shineweddings.com.au but register the other names. Sounds very sensible to me.

This might be a silly question to ask, but where do we go to buy the domain names? I’ve seen a few places on the internet where they say you can buy them. Are some places better than others? We’ll be using a website designer in a month of so to create our website but would like to register our domain names before then. And is there any way to set up a new email using our new domain name ourselves? We’re not techonologically competent, as you might be inferring from this post! :)

For .com.au domain name registrations, most Australian places will charge anywhere from $20/2 years. In regards to setting up your email, there are multiple options available. You could setup your email with Google Apps which is free.