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Hi Janette,
You can have your cake and eat it too.

There are two issues here:

1. The advantages of a memorable domain name
2. A domain name that helps your search engine rankings.

If http://www.shine.com.au is unavailable I’d register http://www.shinevideos.com.au.

It tells people who you are and part of what you do. It is not too long.

I’d use that address on your business cards and letterheads.

I’d also register: http://www.shineweddingvideos.com.au

I would not register http://www.shineweddingvideography.com.au simply because I don’t believe many people use the term “videography”.

What you could do now is:

Publish your website on http://www.shineweddingvideos.com.au
Set up http://www.shinevideos.com.au to redirect to http://www.shineweddingvideos.com.au

That gives you the best of both worlds.