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Actually I’m going to go against what everyone has been telling you. Personally if I saw ‘shineweddings’ I’d immediately think you organised weddings or had something to do with weddings but video wouldn’t be my first thought. I really think you need to have video in the domain name as that will help with search engine results as well.

I don’t see a problem with shineweddingvideos.com.au at all. And if people know your business name they can look for that quite easily or even guess the domain. There’s a lot to be said about having domain names that describe what you do. Sure, get shorter domains if you want, but the longer one isn’t a problem and more accurately describes your business.

cheapdomains.com.au are quite good. I use both them and crazydomains.com.au for Aussie domains and acsdomainservices.com for non-Aussie domains.