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Have to agree with the comments on the site re the use of shineweddings.com.au, however if you did want something a little bit quirkier then you could also look at something like http://www.letyourweddingshine.com.au, yes I know it’s longer but that sometimes isn’t always a bad thing, and with the onset of social media and google rankings, people can generally find you pretty easily if their looking for you.

A name like that, along with shineweddings, also allows you to build a brand around your business and grow and move with the trends.

I’ve mainly used Cheap Domains & Crazy Domains for my hosting and really haven’t had any problems with them, I’ll have to look into Smarty Host though as I’d totally forgotten about them. (I guess we get stuck in our ways at times and use who we’re comfortable with!).

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Cheers, Rod