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Hi Helen,

Sounds like very exciting times for you!

My practice, Avenue Solutions, provides micro and small businesses with professional advice in the areas of legal, accounting and taxation. My office is on St Kilda Road, Melbourne. Unlike many professional service firms, we almost always use a fixed / capped fee model, and you can find information relating to our fees here: http://www.avenuesolutions.com.au/index.php/fees

In terms of getting started, it sounds as though you have a lot to consider which certainly isn’t unusual. For this purpose, we have a fixed fee 1 hour consult, and you can read about its purpose here: http://www.avenuesolutions.com.au/index.php/onehourconsult

I’d be very pleased to see you and to help you get started with your new business. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment.

In any event, I wish you well!

Kind regards,