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Without being able to give you specific advise, just make sure when you say “company” you really are talking about a company (PTY LTD) and are not just using the word incorrectly to mean “business”.

The reason I mention that is that each business structure (sole trader, partnership, PTY LTD Company, Public Company) is likely to have a different answer to this specific question.

This mainly relates to the fact that a company is a “seperate legal entity”, or to put in other terms is basically considered to be like person itself, although not a “natural person” aka a human. So a company can generally be lent money by you, as a company is something you OWN and operates in some ways like a person.

A sole trader on the other hand is something you ARE not something you own. It’s not a person natural or otherwise, and so you basically can’t lend money to yourself as I see it – you can just take equity in or out of the business.

Hope this is of some help (even though I haven’t given an exact answer), and may prompt someone more specialist than myself to answer, if you can confirm you are actually talking about a company in the true sense of the word.