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Hi All,

Here is the agreement I’ve done myself as the Director of Wanopt Pty Ltd. Does it look sufficient. Thanks.

Mark Sargent

Loan Agreement
24th August 2011

This is an agreement between Wanopt Pty Ltd and Mark Sargent of 9/21 Holbrook Ave, Kirribilli, NSW Australia. Mark Sargent has agreed to loan Wanopt Pty Ltd the sum of $20,000 Australian dollars. Mark Sargent agrees that this is interest free and can only be called upon if/when Wanopt Pty Ltd has funds and both parties agree the refunded amount can be met by Wanopt Pty Ltd. First installment of $5000 to be made 24/08/11. Subsequent 3 x $5000 amounts to be made when both parties agree it’s required. Records of electronic funds transfer confirm amount owed in this agreement.

Mark Sargent
Wanopt Pty Ltd