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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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just wondering…

is the unique business advantage/proposition clearly spelt out and is the target market aware of it?

just remember that ultimately, a business solely exists and it’s true value is based on repeat clientèle. a business without repeat business is just over priced inventory.

sure you may get finance but is that your objective or is ongoing income and who provides ongoing income other than clients?

with this in mind, my first question would be how many clients do they have and do they have client contact details – mobile/email/address.

then break it down to how many of them are active and inactive. then how many of the inactive are 3 months, 6 mths, 9mth, 12mths + old.

Establish cost per lead, cost per customer, lifetime value of the client.

This will give you an idea of their marketing strength.

is this really a business or are you buying a job? is it systemised and process laid out or will YOU be the business?

i believe financials are important (having a strong finance background) but if you are going to have to “rebuild” the business then you may be paying a premium that you shouldn’t have to.

all the best.

most businesses close without getting sold. there are smart people who scoop them up at the last minute for highly favourable terms (didnt say price).