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Marc1980, post: 87910 wrote:
Hey there,

My accountant believes that Google Adsense income is considered to be foreign-sourced income and GST does not apply – even if you have a website is a .com.au, hosted in Australia, and generates income from Google’s ads (from aussie businesses) – just because you get paid from Ireland.

Is anyone able to share their experiences in terms of how they handled their Adsense income?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Ellie,

IMHO, your accountant is correct. I used to have a lot to do with Google regarding our Australian and overseas companies and came to the same conclusion. Even though the ads are appearing on your Australian website, your contract is with – and the ads are being served by – a Google company located in Ireland. So GST does not apply.

There are lots of shades of grey in the online world, not just GST, but different types of income tax issues in different countries as well (I won’t go into details here). Wasn’t life and taxes so much simpler in the bricks and mortar world?

Regards, Neill