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donkeynomad, post: 87969 wrote:
I think one of the worst fears you can have is the fear of letting go, that only you can do the job properly. This leads to the owner burning out simply because they feared to delegate jobs to others, or not letting others do things that may be different but still works.

You have to trust your other half, partner or employees and take time off for yourself without constantly fretting.

Get out of my head!!! lol

Don’t you know that no one can do your job as well as you do it!!! lol

Who are you? You sound just like my husband!!! lol

There are 2 possibilities

1. You are so true and very wise and learnt this message from personal experience.


2. Your just really clever but don’t know how hard it is being a control freak!!

Yours sincerely (lol)


(self confessed control freak suffering from small business burnout)

On a serious note, you really are right and it is one of my biggest struggles in my life, so if you a starting something new, make sure that you can share the responsibilty from day one.

My biggest fear is security or lack of it. I use my fear as a tool and it makes me work harder/smarter.