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WORKetc sounds like an ideal fit for you. There’s a few other systems that integrate CRM and project management, but few do so with the integrated approach that WORKetc does. This system puts CRM, project management, time tracking, collaboration, and billing into one web based system – capable of powering everything you’re doing.

Projects can automatically be created once you have won a lead, from which point you can collaborate on the project, even with the client, till completion. Then you can invoice the client, get paid, and add them to your email newsletter. With client histories that list all correspondence and related work activities, at a single glance you can view everything you’ve done with a client: http://www.worketc.com/crm_project_management

Having all of these integrated into one system makes for easier, more efficient management overall on both ends, not too mention the ability to group everything you need together for quicker reference.