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Thank you all of you -kathiemt,MJ,beanonlinelately,FS Concierge. It feels nice to belong here and sorry about the delay in responding. After a very slow start, business seems to be going well for now and I am struggling to keep up and also learn along the way :)
MJ, your concept might be something that could potentially contibute towards building sustainable cities. Considering ongoing issues with earth’s environment, this concept could be one of the many things that will need to be considered as an option to fulfil the ever-changing energy needs of mankind.But as you mentioned it will need serious research covering urban design,statistics, Solar cell energy output, building engineering and design, financial aspects,ethics, end-of-life factors and so on to check if it is viable option.Going via an educational instituion’s research program (PhD by research) might be one of the ways to get your answers :).