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Hi Brad,
We are now in the very early stage of a marketing communication revolution that is bigger than anything I’ve ever observed. And I don’t make that claim lightly.

Next year I will have been a qualified marketer for 40 years and I’ve been an Internet marketer for 17 of them.

Every one of the 40,000 members of Flying Solo should address the issues you raise and why not start with the link you give.

OK, it’s a Google self promo piece. Aspects are over hyped like crazy but the guts of reality are still there. (Wish there was more from Dave Reibstein.)

Ever since the start of the web, most money spent on it has been wasted. How many $billions is that?

With todays Internet, we have far more ways to waste money than ever before. (How many SEO experts, ad management consultants or social media experts actually deliver real results?)

With all these difficulties, business owners MUST come to grips with the mobile Internet as a communication medium.

If they don’t, many will decline or go bankrupt.