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Bridie, do you track your visits and enquiries from mobiles? I know we talked about visits a while ago, is the % going up? What about leads? What sort of % of leads are coming from mobiles?

I haven’t read the link posted here but I think sometimes people read a bit too much into the hype, particularly for business to business type companies. Fair enough if I want pizza I might use a mobile but if I want a lawyer? A web designer?

I don’t have one, im still only getting a very minor % of visitors from mobiles. Im building a site at the moment for a successful iPhone app developer in the US and they don’t want a mobile version.

I think you’d be crazy to build a site that doesn’t work on a mobile but does every business need a specific mobile theme? Im not so sure but I’d definitely be interested in hearing from B2B companies who are getting significant number of enquiries from mobile devices.