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websitedesigner, post: 88267 wrote:
I think you’d be crazy to build a site that doesn’t work on a mobile but does every business need a specific mobile theme? Im not so sure but I’d definitely be interested in hearing from B2B companies who are getting significant number of enquiries from mobile devices.
Not every business will want a mobile website.

A few that will find them essential if they want to grow their businesses will include:

Retail, fast food, entertainment, travel & accommodation, tradesmen, B2B, offline media, government, manufacturers, banks and insurance.

Any bricks and mortar location that wants their customers to be able to find them easily.

And any business that wants potential customers to phone them when the customer is out of their office or home.

If you think mobile websites is about creating resized versions of web pages you are probably again heading towards the money wasting end of the spectrum.