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Samith, post: 88314 wrote:
End of the day it all comes down to convenience, having a mobile device connected to the internet doesn’t always mean it’s convenient, maybe it’s more convenient to shop on a desktop, with big enough screen and a full keyboard :) I know I do.
Hi Samith,
Thanks for the example and I agree with your comments – particularly about convenience.

Would these be the numbers for people accessing a shopping cart designed for viewing or use on a desk/lap top?

If so, I think you have given us good examples of:
1. Why web pages for mobiles often need to be very different to desk top pages
2. Mobile web pages usually have different communication functions

The processes of online shopping will need to change for the ordering function to suit the small mobile screen.

Online shops may be using mobile pages for couponing or discounts to promote their sites rather than attempting to make a shopping cart that is user-friendly on small screen.

Example of what people do on their smartphone:

A cemetery website is already receiving 500+ accesses by mobile devices per month. They are most frequently viewing:
1. Directions how to get there
2. Time and location of services.

You can bet that many of these visitors are accessing this site on the way to a funeral. If they are, then their next step could be to switch to their phone’s GPS function to have it speak directions to them.