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JohnW, post: 88303 wrote:
If you think mobile websites is about creating resized versions of web pages you are probably again heading towards the money wasting end of the spectrum.


I think this is a given, you’d just finish up with a mess but a lot of sites just have too much going on anyway, for a small business (like a location based service) that perhaps is only looking for a basic static site, using a considered approach to visual design and copy can still keep it accessible to mobile devices.

I haven’t done the research some have obviously done but I do know I’m getting increasing traffic from mobile devices and I also know some of it is converting to sales.

Again I don’t have the stats but I feel people who are online a lot, say in their work and continually have access to larger screens use the web very differently to the masses, a lot of my day is dealing with people who only go online under sufferance because they need something and the first place they search is on their phone, they may then go to a laptop later to follow up but often don’t bother.

I think the Iphone App developer not wanting a mobile site possibly affirms what I’m on about, most people wanting an App developer are going be comfortable with working and researching online and have constant access to larger screens.