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I don’t expect you will stop G re-indexing a page just by closing comments. Re-indexing frequency is more likely to be influenced by incoming links to specific internal pages.

Closing comments will have an impact on SEO. Not necessarily plus or minus – just different. Comments that are “on topic” should enhance the pages ranking but comments may be more likely to be “off-topic” and reduce ranking for a specific search phrase.

Then you have the issue of how a specific blog page can be accessed on the site – so many options for accessing/archiving and each should have a different impact on how “link juice” is passed through the site to individual pages.

The inherent characteristics of blogs make them unstable SEO platforms and poor vehicles for specific keyword targeting.

As far as I can see, updating a blog with fresh comments has negligible impact on a page’s ranking to a specific keyword. It is what the comments are that will make the difference in its ranking.