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Hi David,
I get the impression that you were thinking the freshness of a page’s content boosts it in Google’s results.

Goggle said years ago that part of the ranking algo was associated with “freshness” of a document. Originally, they advised that a ranking boost kicked in depending on the search volume for a specific topic.

Thus, the freshness ranking factor for “olympic” pages may kick in every 4 years.

This article hit me today.

How Google Might Track Changes on Webpages

About half way through is:

“I was also reminded of Google’s patent, Document scoring based on document inception date, while reading about this calculated age patent. In that patent, we’re told that for some queries, a fresher document might be preferred, while for other queries, an older document might be a better result, and that the age of a document might be included as part of a ranking score for that document.”

In 2009 when G “upped” its indexing frequency, this “freshness” and ranking issue hit the news big time. At that point many started touting that page “freshness” meant higher rankings and that’s why “Google loves blogs” and we should all be publishing them every day.

I don’t ever recall seeing any evidence to support the accuracy of these opinions, from Google or any SEO whose opinion I’ve learned to trust.

As far as I can see, page “freshness” still only kicks in to ranking results occasionally.