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DavidM, post: 88094 wrote:
Hi Solo-ists,

Is there any SEO benefit from setting blog posts to automatically close comments after X number of days? I think I remember reading somewhere that this may in effect tell Google that ‘nothing’s changed here’ and to trawl other articles on the site.

Hi David,

I’m not a big fan of closing comments after a number of days, unless you write specifically trend or news related posts, you should probably let the users communicate with you and other users through comments, this will keep the freshness of the post and is a good signal to Google that your website is active. This is a positive signal to improve or maintain your rankings.

Assuming you are talking about smallbusinessplanned.com you have already done the right thing to stop comment spammers (by no following links on commentators) and I’m sure you moderate the comments, the quality of comments on the site are really above average and genuine.

Now that’s the happy part, but there’s a not so happy part as well. If you have any issues getting your articles crawled on smallbusinessplanned.com following could be the reason.

Your website is using a wrong robots.txt file, have a look at the following,


This should be corrected to allow all search engines to crawl your site, as below,

User-agent: *
Allow: /

and then the location of your sitemap.

There’s another thing as well, your article comments are creating duplicate content, making the actual number of pages multiplied as below,

Actual Post


You can easily fix this by letting google know that the variable replytocom should be ignored, if you have Google Webmaster Tools set up for your site, have a look at “URL parameters” under “Site configuration”.

If you haven’t done already, enable pinging in your wordpress backend, and install the plugin sitemap-index. These two will make sure google knows when content is added or updated.

Just my 2 cents hope this helps.

Best Regards,