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DavidM, post: 88094 wrote:
Hi Solo-ists,

Is there any SEO benefit from setting blog posts to automatically close comments after X number of days? I think I remember reading somewhere that this may in effect tell Google that ‘nothing’s changed here’ and to trawl other articles on the site.

Hi David,

There would be no noticeable result in turning comments on or off after ‘x’ amount of time.

I don’t want to hijack this thread, but some of the comments made above are totally wrong.

You should disregard these comments;

  1. The inherent characteristics of blogs make them unstable SEO platforms and poor vehicles for specific keyword targeting.
  2. As far as I can see, updating a blog with fresh comments has negligible impact on a page’s ranking to a specific keyword. It is what the comments are that will make the difference in its ranking.

I have 6 blog sites that all rank #1 for specific keywords and on the 1st page for countless variations. Saying blogs are unstable SEO platforms is totally wrong.

Keeping a blog up to date reinforces your subject matter, increases internal links, encourages readership and is also a major part of Googles new rollout of their revised home page where you can now request a date related search.

Every business should blog.