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DigitalDomination, post: 88343 wrote:
I don’t want to hijack this thread, but some of the comments made above are totally wrong.

You should disregard these comments;

  1. The inherent characteristics of blogs make them unstable SEO platforms and poor vehicles for specific keyword targeting.
  2. As far as I can see, updating a blog with fresh comments has negligible impact on a page’s ranking to a specific keyword. It is what the comments are that will make the difference in its ranking.

Hi DigitalDomination,
I’m afraid I must offer a very different opinion to you on this.

Let’s see if I can explain what I mean with a simple, real blog example: seo-link-building-strategy.blogspot.com.

I know this is a huge post but please keep with me.

There is a lot of B/S posted about blogs and if you are a user of them you may find clues as to why your blog is underperforming in the following discussion.

The example blog appears to have been going since Apr 10 and Google has indexed 55 pages from it. Yahoo has indexed 54 external links to it of which 87% are to its Home page.

Its Home page title is: “SEO Link Building”.

A page’s title is one of the main messages Google is looking at for guidance as to the page’s information content. If the visible text on the page is about the title topic, the page will rank higher for search phrases that contain these words.

Now look at the blog articles on its current Home page. They are:

  • The Necessity of Web Design Dubai
  • The Necessity of Web design UAE
  • Benefits of Article Submission
  • Manual Distribution List : 500+ directories
  • 785 Do Follow Social Bookmarking site List
  • List of social networking sites
  • Link Building Strategies: PageRank Formula : Number of Backlinks for a Website

The Home page of this blog contains 7,500 words. Most of them are a meaningless shopping list about nothing and precious few are about “SEO”, “links” or “building”.

The blogger has gone extensively “off topic” over the 16 months that this blog’s articles have been rolling over on its Home page and as a consequence its ranking for the targeted search words will have been decimated.

Go back to when the blog started.

In Apr 10 the only article on the Home page was about:

    High Page Rank Social Bookmarking List

In May blogs were posted about:

  • Next Google PageRank update schedule
  • A Video about Google keyword tool and keyword research for SEO
  • List of DoFollow Social Bookmarking Sites
  • 1453 – Social bookmarking sites list

In Jun & Jul were:

  • Do Follow Blogs edu Auto Approve List
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Link Building

Can’t you see how the Home page has been constantly changing the topics it has addressed ever since its inception?

With all those changes will come a roller coaster ride of constant changes in the Home page’s ranking for any search words.

Wouldn’t you call this instability of the blog format?

Now consider the impact blogs can have on external link values as these have a big effect on a page’s ranking. Remember, 87% of this site’s external links as assessed by Yahoo are to its Home page.

But when were they created, why, from where, and what was the link text?

  • Was a link made to the site’s Home page back in May 10 because of the article about the Google keyword tool video?
  • Was it from another page about the keyword tool and
  • did the link text include “keyword tool”?

All that would be great for enhancing the value of a link to the actual blog article page but as there is no article now on the Home page about “keyword tool” such a link to the site’s Home page has been dramatically devalued.

As a blog ages and its articles are archived, more and more of the external links to its Home page are likely to have their link values deteriorate as the link topics no longer occur on the blog’s Home page.

Wouldn’t you call this instability of the blog format?

I could go on about a lot more inherent blog problems like wasted “link juice” but I’ll stop here.

I must strongly disagree with your advice to ignore my comments and I will let others make their minds up based on this explanation.

If bloggers don’t know the inherent limitations of the platform they are using and how to overcome them, then they can’t get optimal SE referrals.

Every business would possibly benefit from publishing more web pages. Whether they are in a blog format or not has nothing to do with SE rankings or referrals, in my humble opinion.