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Hi David

Just a quick (really!) quick response.

I don’t allow comments on my blog at all – well, not WordPress one’s anyway – I prefer Facebook comments.

But I had a look at my Google rankings for the search term “diy web server” and right now, I’m number 4 on page 1 for that phrase.

And amazingly, the big G put the following text on its SER:

“And that’s just three, open-source, free web applications you can download, install and host on your very own “server”.”

But that text appeared at the 24th paragraph of a previous blog post!

So I’m very happy, as you can imagine! And I have no idea as to how my reply might help you, except to say listen to what @JohnW has to say, and also @DigitalDomination, and lastly, keep posting articles to your blog!

You’ll get there if you keep on-topic, and provide real “value” to your readers (even if your only “reader” is Google)