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I just wish there were a “standard” for invoices, regardless of issuer, or recipient.

My current role sees me helping entering invoices from many and sundry contractors etc for work done.

After that, we scan the original paper invoice to PDF, and then save it according to [industry removed] etc.

If all invoices were “standardised” (layout wise, ie: invoice number, invoice date, description (multiple lines yes), gst amount, discount for terms, total….. I’m sure you get the drift) it would make it so much easier to set up some sort of automated process that would enable document management of these invoices.

Say… XML? A digital file, sent from one business to another…. with provision to print, if really necessary…. :)

Ultimately leading to automated update of accounting software etc, and less staff time to process….

But everyone wants (or uses) layouts provided by their own accounting software (logos etc) to promote themselves – just because they can – and sends a paper copy.

Grrrr. A pet peeve.

Whatever happened to the supposed “paperless” office? Why can’t we get over ourselves and provide a standardised format that everyone can use to issue, and everyone can process, to store somewhere (and ultimately pay?)

Whatever happened to the promised B2B software that would make paper invoices redundant? Yes, that’s right – no clear agreed upon standard between software manufacturers and software users.

If a job has been performed adequately, and both parties agree on the final invoice amount, I see no good reason why that invoice can’t be processed automatically between two systems? A la XML, or some other well-defined format.

Sorry @happygirl – off topic from your original question (and I apologise), but I really thought it warranted a bigger “world” view, because the time taken for me to help with processing paper invoices in my current role is exorbitant, and this thread really caught my eye, because its not just how you present your invoice to your customer, its also about how your customer processes your invoice. :)

And ultimately, how you get paid.

Something like this:

Or even this: