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This happens in most industries, the more the buy the better the rate. Maybe you need to think also about how much it costs to obtain another client to fill that space, or how much extra work you would have to put into another client.

We have a similar thing with our lamb, top dollar for our taster (smallest pack), a good price for half, and a really nice price for a whole lamb. I know its not service, but the reason we do that is we have to spend a lot more time managing more customers with small orders, so if we can have less customers with larger orders, we save time on invoicing and general management of the customer, as well as reduced costs because the packaging on lots of small things is more expensive then one large order.

Anyway, just a different view that might get you thinking.

firstly, if you get 80% of your income from one source, you’re classified as an employee, so something to watch out for.

This is not true, its just one test out of several, and it would be classed as personal services income, and is treated similar to if you were an employee, but that doesn’t mean you would be classed as an employee in the technical sense of things.