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kathiemt, post: 88219 wrote:
Bradley, many Virtual Assistants work on retainers for clients. Good thing for us is that the client pays up front for the month and we know we have ‘guaranteed’ income, at least for that month. Not all of my clients with on retainer, many pay by the hour, but some like the idea of knowing how much they’re paying and when.

Hi Kathie

I do like the idea of a retainer. I am about to get a mortgage so having that certainty is great. The issue is when you end up working over that but i suppose its a matter of discipline.

My last client we got into a bit of a pickle when he couldn’t see what i was doing every day. That made him nervous. I was working day and night but he never saw me as i worked from home. I hated having to justify every hour. This new client of mine (hopefully) has an office i can go into each day. That works much better when they can see what you are there working. Especially important when doing he job of a marketing consultant. You spend alot of hours on emails, calls, admin, project planning tasks.