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Tony Pfitzner
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Hi Kathie

I am not a photographer, but one quick and easy way to establish the market for photography services in your area is to run a number of pay per click campaigns. These should be focused on the specific niches you are interested in surveying, and directed to relevant landing pages on your website. e.g. architecture, sport, local government etc.

If the campaigns are geographically restricted, this will be about the least expensive and most accurate market research you can perform.

Even the keyword research for this will be very informative. If you understand the relative number of searches for particular photography related keyword themes, then you will gain some idea of the market. You need to test this against enquiry on your website to get a real idea of the potential though.

Once you have this information – -e.g. if you think architecture is the go – you can start to build up architecture related content on your site.