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Hi Alexis, I’m sure you’ll do fine. There is so much call for portrait photography theres days, but it’s not my forte. So trying to find clients for what I do will be a bit harder but I’m convinced it can be done. I need to be promoting ‘wall art’ I think in some ways.

Re Shutterstock, Bluepenguin, yes, I’m already selling there. But I don’t make a lot of money as they literally pay you only cents per digital download. I know some photographers are making good money but they have over 10,000 images up there and have been for some years. There’s new photographers entering the stock photo market daily and I concentrate on nature only so there’s only so much call for that. istockphoto is a lot more fussy about the images it accepts as it has a glut of photos available already. So I don’t do a lot of the type of photos they’re happy to take.

But please do keep the ideas coming – some I might have already considered but need to revisit and others I might not have thought of yet.