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Hi SimonPeter,

Good luck with your new venture! To help you effectively we would need to understand who your target market is – who are the customers (I’m assuming businesses) that you want to target? Are you restricted geographically? And why should they use you? (Your unique selling point) From that it will be easier to understand what marketing methods work.

My initial suggestion (not knowing the above would be)
* Create a flyer detailing your business and offers. Send this PLUS a mug with your slogan (perhaps underneath “Your logo here” or something along those lines) to the key marketing manager or company owner that you are targeting to get the best result. Perhaps you could provide a few of these to local networking events?

Also I had a look at your website and have the following suggestions.
Don’t call them ‘cheap’ mugs – rather budget alternatives or cost effective – cheap sounds nasty and that they will break really easy.
Also I do not understand all the headings down the side “real estate” “financial services” – are these past clients? if so then they should just appear on the past clients page – not in as a heading….

I hope this helps…. If you are still trying to work out the best way to promote your business, feel free to contact me as I run a marketing company and we would be happy to help you. We also run 1 day workshops where you will receive personalised coaching to complete the key components of a business or marketing plan so that you know your key points, target market and develop strategies to reach your goals.

Kind Regards,