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It is always great when you start a new adventure!!

Just a quick couple of thoughts from me on what you can do for your marketing.

I think that you should look at direct marketing – so produce a flyer which you can send or drop off around the area.
Have an opening special to catch the eye of people!

If your customer has a hard copy of your flyer they my leave it on their desk just waiting for that time to use it.

Idea two – This is one that is done by all the promo places – Put the company name on a mug and send it to the company – thou this does cost money and has been done 1000’s of times!!

Idea three – Sponsor the local cafe with personalised cups which has their details on one side and your contact details on the other – You are going to have the attention of potential customers for the time they take to drink the coffee!!

Just a couple of thoughts that are not online based!!