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Hi, I am not an accountant but from experience and the ATO website and more …

The 20K refers to the money you make from your business before the ATO generally accepts that you are a business and can make deductions. Otherwise they may think you are a hobby. If you think you have a genuine case for deductions then you can apply to the ATO for a special ruling in order to make those deductions.

If you project your TURNOVER (gross) of the business is $75K or more in the financial year you must charge GST and submit BAS reports either 3 monthly or yearly. (3 monthly is better).

The ATO has people you can talk to or please discuss with your good accountant.

ATO Business link is http://www.ato.gov.au/businesses/ or 132866Personal tax is separate to GST. Your yearly tax is worked out on your net income. But, as mentioned above, you need to be be turning over a minimum of $20K (without a special ruling) in order to make the deductions to get to your net income. You really need to discuss with your accountant.