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This has been an interesting read. I think it makes a good case for having some SEO expertise.

A small monthly fee to an SEO consultant would have at the very least ensured that you get good information on working out where your site is actually ranking and saved you a lot of time going through Google’s personalised results. BTW this personalised results thing got me a few years ago as well I was devastated – it’s a cruel feature!!

But I think the main thing is getting some advice on choosing keywords.

Using some really rough numbers, even if your site was ranking on the front page for a keyword that gets 100 searches per month, this will probably only bring you 10 or so visitors a month. Using Adwords you could achieve this for $20 or so. Hardly worth the time optimising a site for the sake of $20 / month IMO.

Choosing the keywords is one of the hardest things to do I think and the more I learn about SEO the more I think people should get some external advice on it. I am a bit biased of course but it’s blown me away how much there is to learn about this stuff. And not only that, good information is very hard to find as people play their cards pretty close to their chest with this stuff.

All the best in the future and keep us updated with how it goes for you.

One final thought.

One of the things I’m going to try to explain to my clients is SEO is about competition and there are various levels of sophistication with SEO.

For example if you do nothing but a little bit of on-page stuff but your competitor has done that as well as built a whole lot of easy to get, low quality links to their site, they will probably outrank you.

If you have done onsite optimisation and built a lot of links but your competitor has done that as well as achieved some high quality links, they will beat you.

It’s all about what you have done in relation to what people competing for the same keywords have done so while onsite stuff might be ok for now (for low traffic keywords) if you want to compete for higher traffic keywords you will find you need to get more sophisticated with your efforts. Similarly if your competitors see you out ranking them by just doing basic onpage and they go an engage an SEO to build links, you will have to ramp your efforts to get back in front.

Hope that helps.