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Hi – I appreciate your enthusiasm and questions and also your successes. Well done!

However, if you do this, please employ the help of someone to correct all your spelling and grammar. This is very important as you are aiming for corporates and also helping people going for an interview. The misuse of words can mean something entirely different and this would be detrimental to your services.

Correct spelling is necessary in this case.
For the forum we understand what you mean, but to offer those particular professional services requires that one step further, as your customers will be looking to you for guidance on doing things correctly in order to help them win that job interview or project.

I have corrected some spelling below just to show you what I mean.

I would like to start a company called the Marketing Guru and would like to sell services would you ever use the following services
1) help people with small business on how to manage their business, market their business and also budget
2) develop marketing campaigns for small business
3) offer lessons on how to sell or market your self via Skype
4) want a job or going for an interview – we can help you tailor your resume to that job and also help people on how to prepare themselves for interviews
5) also go see companies or schools or even have small meetings

Before I even plan any thoughts