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Hi there,

Right from the get-go, I confess that I’m biased here because I’m a lawyer. But……

I agree with most other forum members that you would be best placed to have a lawyer draft this for you. It shouldn’t cost too much, although there might be some work in tying a credit application in with your existing terms and conditions (which could, in certain circumstances, be desirable for you).

As we all know, there are plenty of pro-forma type legal documents available on-line, of significantly varying quality. Quite apart from copyright issues, the major problem with such content is that you won’t know if it actually works for you until a problem arises, by which time it’s generally too late to fix. So, bascially, using such content can expose you and your business to material commercial and legal risk.

I’d be happy to give you a quote for this work. Feel free to get in contact.