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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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it all comes back to the right message for the right market with the right medias and this comes down to strategy which most businesses lack.

there are tons of businesses who are doing well without a website, blog, facebook, etc. they have clarity and focus (strategy) which makes them successful.

most businesses run around like a headless chicken thinking that multi media “marketing” will give them business success. they forget the message and market bcos they dont have either.

Sell to everyone with canned pitch and you get no one.

the tactical ideas you have listed is just fine. those businesses that turn them into dollars have a firm understanding of who their target market is and how to communicate with them effectively in a way that generates leads and increases conversion.

so it all comes down to knowing how to engage with the end customer regardless of the media.

tactic without strategy is like wanting to travel from australia to china without a plan or a map. u could end up in new zealand and not know it.