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Hi Lorraine,

You are absolutely correct – we get caught up focusing a little on a lot of things and have to consciously stop ourselves and focus on the few we know to be most effective.

Our target market is business rather than ‘consumer’ and by nature of our services our market is any business. Reaching any/all businesses can be tricky and whilst we have set up Linked In, Facebook and Twitter I wouldn’t say these are particularly focused activities;

Our two most ‘successful’ marketing tactics would have to be:

Our biggest (and most successful) is pay per click Google advertising. No two ways about it.

In our earlier years of the business (and on occasion now if time allows) we did personalised mail out marketing to various businesses. (Our services relate to trademark protection for names/logos so we would spend a lot of time with various directories to see who doesn’t have protection of their names, send a letter outlining why they should, who we are etc)… was time consuming, but again is a method we know to work well. I think people appreciated a personalised ‘mail out’ rather than something that was clearly photocopied 100 times and then posted. The benefit of this (outside of gaining new clients) is that we found people held onto our letters, sometimes for many months and we actually gained referral from them – even though we never heard from them directly they would tell others about our letter and what we do etc.

I look forward to seeing what others have to say on this thread!