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Hi Again Dan,

Your last post provided an ‘aha’ moment – our office does a bi-monthly newsletter, and have started a series a couple of issues ago:

“5 Reasons Your Trademark Wasn’t Accepted” and have so far discussed two reasons that we considered to provide truly useful info to people looking at trademark protection.

If you have a moment – could you check out http://www.completeip.com.au/Newsletter.php (either the current issue, which has part two of the series – or the last one that’s there) and let me know if you think this would be appropriate, and if you would be happy to receive the next installment each 2 months to coincide with the newsletter?

If you think this kind of thing works to your concept of the site, let me know and I will reword at my end to fit the context of a contribution and submit it through the website.