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Hi Tina,

Couple of thoughts – rather than face the “having to say no” awkward discussion – could you do something like offer a payment plan if they believe they will struggle with the invoice amount? This could be done in a way where you still look overly helpful but not having to miss out on your payment? Even with a 50% deposit but “if it assists, I am happy to extend a plan for you to pay the balance in weekly payments”?

Or, again – depending on your payment terms, could you bring in a ‘prompt payment discount’ for everyone? So, when these people ask you to take something off you can just say “unfortunately, no – but, if you pay the invoice within X period of time you will be entitled to take a X% prompt payment discount?

For most things we do, payment is up front but for those that aren’t happy with that or unable to do that – for what ever reason, we will offer to take a 50% deposit and balance by installment and that seems to keep them happy!