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Liz68, post: 89960 wrote:
Just started a new business and need some advice. I would like to keep my business private therefore will not be sharing my web address I hope this doesnt make my question too hard to answer.

To carry out my Business I need a portfolio, however my portfolio is very limited and I would like to extend it. I currently have advertised on my website that people can try my services completly free to help build my portfolio.

Do you think that this is a bad idea? will it give clients the impression that I am unprofessional. Should I instead run competitions for peope to win services for free? or does anyone have any other ideas as to how I can build a better portfolio and attract business?

Thanks heaps for your help.
I don’t see how that’s unprofessional and I think that’s a good idea

Provided you do a good job of whatever the client needs, you can build a strong relationship out of that. The client can recommend you to their contacts and quite possibly they will come back to you for paid work.

I’d like to hear how it all goes!

Good luck!