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Liz68, post: 89960 wrote:
Should I instead run competitions for peope to win services for free? or does anyone have any other ideas as to how I can build a better portfolio and attract business?

Thanks heaps for your help.

Liz one other suggestion i’d like to make;

Some recent analysis on Facebook marketing showed that ‘Giveaway’ in the facebook ads was the most effective way to generate followers on a business page. (Sorry but i can’t find that link to the original study).

I have no idea if Facebook is relevant for you, but i’d look at running a facebook competition on your facebook business page of some kind using a ‘Giveaway’ as a prize. One of the conditions could be that the prize winner allow you to write a story piece on the service you provided and also provide a testimonial for you.

Once you complete the competition and help whomever you could publish that also reinforcing your brand and service to your now established Facebook fan base.