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NigelLane, post: 89993 wrote:
From my reading I understand that, in my market place, I need credibility and visibility. (I offer coaching and support services to families with teenagers).

I am reasonably OK with the credibility side (I have been full time in youth work for 20 years, written a book etc) – but I need to increase my visibility.

Ideas? Thoughts?

For example:

P.R. – how do I become a go-to person when issues of cyber bullying, social networking, parenting teenagers etc are in the spotlight?

But feel free to expand this question into broader areas.

(As always if this touches on a service you offer then I am keent to hear/buy).

Hi Nigel,

With a profile like that I think you are pretty fine with the credibility area. The Visibility part is what looks to be lacking.

I think having a solid online presence, a website where you can mention your services and your experience would be highly beneficial. Once you have a strong website in place, you can probably start your own blog writing and a forum where people can come and get advise from you (within your website), create a bit of a community, just like this in your niche. This is something I can definitely help you with.

Once you have a website you can start online advertising (online advertising is quiet inexpensive compared to conventional advertising unless you have a huge marketing budget)

Since you are specialised in teenage related issue, I would definitely recommend advertising on Facebook and Google. Facebook is a great way to improve your branding and getting the word out. You can find out about facebook advertising here http://www.facebook.com/business/dashboard/

Best of luck with everything.