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Hi Jane,

This is the real issue, we all try to get it cheap but rarely get it right. But at the end getting it right is the cheapest option.

Doing your books yourself is great as long as after working 38 or more hours a week in your business you still find the time and energy to do your books, manage your staff, pay your creditors, chase your debtors, work on your marketing, your products, etc… to develop and grow your business.

You need a bookkeeper / accountant that can work with you deciding on what is best for your business and help you at different stages of your development. They are many things to worry about such as classifying expenses and income correctly, processing payroll, superannuation, reviewing profit margin, managing debtors, creditors and cashflow, etc….. Tax time shouldn’t be a problem if you do this right.

We can help you set up the right system and provide taylored services, tools and training for you to understand and manage a successful business. It doesn’t have to be expensive.

One last thing, for a software solution, please have a look around, ask yourself what you need the software to do for your business, how easy it is to use, how easy it is to extract the data, etc… Search this forum, we have had a lot said about this. Personnaly I recommend Xero as a software solution. You can check it at http://www.xero.com.

Good luck.