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Hi Guys

The challenge for small business, boring or not, is to genuinely understand from their target customers perspective, and to use their target customers language, what problem, fear, frustration or even anger, your product/service will solve.

This can’t be rushed or found out with one survey or by talking to half dozen customers one day.This needs to evolve over time, and the way that is done is by creating a process or procedure within your the way you interact with your customers that is constantly gathering and measuring the feedback and responses to your products services and offers.

The secret here is actual mathematical measurement not “gut feelings” or how you respond to certain ideas and offers. Come up with your best guess as to might work and then test and measure. Don’t ask around and get peoples opinion, the only true test as to a marketing strategy’s effectiveness is the percentage of people that hand over the money when presented with your offer.

I personally, in the past, invested almost $250k into an idead that I had “thought” I had researched thoroughly by asking many of my target markets opinion before I began building the product, only to find that when it came time for those same people to buy (at the price-point they all agreed would be very reasonable when previously asked) all had great reasons as to why they could buy at the moment.

So the very expensive lesson I have learned is to “sell it first, build it second” which basically means that you create your offer and out it in front of your target audience and based on the uptake then decide if it is a profitable proposition for you to create the procudt or service.

Hope this is of some value for you

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