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If the interviewer is worth her salt she should go through with you before hand what she will talk about and the sort of questions she will ask. She should also be asking you what you can cover so she knows what to ask you.

Other than that, yes do go with a summary list of points you want to cover because in the heat of the moment you may find it hard to remember what you want to say.

Radio and having a microphone in front of you has a funny way of putting the pressure on, it takes a lot of practice to be able to keep talking intelligently whilst trying to think of what else you need to say or do. Consider the difficulty of have to say change music over while announcing.

One more point, keep your delivery as conversational as possible. Treat it like a discussion with the interviewer, where a thousand other people just happen to be listening in! Also don’t be afraid to make gestures and facial expressions as you talk, you might be surprised just how this can come across in the tone of your voice.